Sticky-Smart™ – Ruler Notes

Sale price $2.13 each / $533.00 total

ex VAT.

Quantity: 250 x (50 sheet pads)

Artwork Requirements

Please provide your image in one of the following formats: .eps, .cdr, .pdf, .ai and with no raster elements. Please contact us if you have any questions.

The perfect fusion of functionality and brand visibility! Elevate your organisation's identity with our custom printed gems that effortlessly blend practicality and promotion. Each Sticky Ruler Note boasts your company's logo, elegantly primted onto the 160 x 40mm canvas, ensuring your brand's presence is vividly felt in the daily lives of your clients. Whether it's highlighting vital points during meetings or managing tasks with precision, these ruler notes do it all, in style. With a minimum order quantity of 250 sets, each comprising of 50 sheets, your message will make a lasting impression. Experience the art of seamless promotion and utility with our bespoke Sticky Ruler Notes, where branding meets purpose, and every detail sticks.

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