Seed Paper Business Cards

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Transform your business interactions with our innovative seed paper business cards, an eco-conscious choice that blends functionality with environmental responsibility. Made from premium recycled paper embedded with wildflower seeds, these cards offer a unique way to convey your contact information while demonstrating your commitment to sustainability. Beyond their primary use, they invite recipients to plant and nurture a blossoming garden, creating a lasting, living reminder of your brand. This distinctive feature not only enhances brand recognition but also reinforces your company's dedication to green practices, making your business stand out in the minds of clients and partners alike.

Exploring Seed Paper and Its Applications
Seed paper, a sustainable alternative to traditional paper, incorporates wildflower seeds within its distinctive textured surface, signalling its purpose for planting. It comes in various forms like A5, A6 sheets, bookmarks, and wristbands, suitable for planting in garden beds, containers, or pots. For successful planting, moisten and tear the paper, bury it under a light soil layer, ensure consistent moisture (avoiding saturation), provide adequate sunlight, and anticipate sprouts within 7-10 days.

Shelf Life of Seed Paper
Keep seed paper in a cool, dry environment to maintain its viability for at least one year, though it often remains effective for an extended period.

Varieties of Embedded Seeds
We exclusively use wildflower seeds, creating a vibrant, environmentally friendly floral display upon sprouting.

Environmental Considerations for Seed Paper
Indeed, the seed paper is eco-conscious, incorporating native, non-invasive wildflower seeds.

Options for Personalisation
Personalise your seed paper with vibrant full-colour printing on both sides, tailoring it to your specific needs or branding.

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