House-Shaped Branded Seed Bombs

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Transform your promotional approach with our house-shaped seed bombs, an inventive and eco-conscious choice for businesses in property, construction, or maintenance. Presented in a charming matchbox-style package, this set of three seed bombs is a cost-effective and impactful way to showcase your brand's environmental dedication. When planted, these unique giveaways flourish into stunning wildflower gardens, offering a visual testament to your company's commitment to sustainability and green living. Perfect for making a lasting impression, these seed bombs serve as a metaphor for growth and renewal, aligning your brand with positive environmental values and innovative marketing strategies.

What is a Seed Bomb and How Do I Use It?
A seed bomb is an eco-friendly blend of clay, and seeds, moulded into a variety of imaginative shapes like bees, vans, houses, and more. Whether you’re looking to green a garden or add life to a pot or planter, using a seed bomb is easy. Simply place it where you’d like plants to grow, no digging or other preparation is needed. The next time it rains, or you water your planter, the seed bomb will dissolve naturally, giving way for the seeds to sprout.

How Long Can These Seed Bombs Be Stored?
Our seed bombs are designed for a shelf life of at least a year when stored in a cool, dry place, though many find they last even longer.

Our standard lead time is 3-5 days, with an express option available at an additional fee.

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