Cork Branded Yoga Roller

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Ignite your brand's presence with our exquisite Cork Yoga Roller, a remarkable fusion of wellness and branding opportunity. This unique roller, crafted from sustainable cork sourced from cork oak trees, not only offers stability and slip prevention for enhanced yoga poses but also presents a golden chance to showcase your business. As a business owner, you understand the power of differentiation, and our cork yoga roller, with it's lightweight durability and non-slip surface, serves as a symbol of your commitment to quality. Its 29.5 x 9.5cm dimensions provide space for your brand's logo, reinforcing your identity with each use. Moreover, the eco-conscious choice of recycled kraft paper for the sleeve aligns seamlessly with your brand's values. Make your mark both on the mat and in the minds of your clients with this exceptional branding tool. Packaged sustainably with our FSC Recycled 100% P5.1 CU-COC-877277 certified packaging and leave an enduring impression that resonates.

The Price includes a single colour padprint measuring  60mm x 5mm, more options are available so please request a custom quote from us.


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