Games & Toys

Promotional Games & Toys

Using promotional puzzles, games & toys in your marketing campaign can help boost your brand exposure, as well as creating a fun and light-hearted impression of your organisation. Here are some examples of how you could use these promotional products:

Toys and games – Printed puzzles and toys like yo-yos and foam airplanes could be given as gifts by retailers to customers spending a certain amount of money. Alternatively, you could use promotional giveaways like games and toys to generate more interest in your stall at a trade event such as an exhibition or sales conference.

Snafooz puzzles – The pieces of these soft foam puzzles interlock to create cubes and other shapes featuring your organisation’s brand.

Footballs and Frisbees – Printed beach balls, footballs and Frisbees are perfect for use outdoors, whether in a park or on the beach. Schools, gyms, sportswear companies and other organisations looking to target individuals with an active lifestyle could use promotional merchandise like Frisbees and footballs to encourage recipients to stay active, while also promoting their brand.

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