Promotional mugs – The heart of any office!

How to get noticed when office workers take a break? Promotional mugs – pick any office desk at random from anywhere in the UK and there’s likely to be a promotional mug on it, whether it’s filled with coffee, elastic bands or pens. The traditional office coffee round – or tea if that’s what floats your boat – shows no sign of abating and is still very much part of the day-to-day life of any workplace. And at the centre of the ritual are often branded promotional mugs. According to research from hot drinks specialist Alterra Coffee Roasters, some 65 per cent of office workers drink coffee during the working week with the average person knocking back three cups per day – that’s a lot of time spent standing in the office kitchen, having a chat and undoubtedly spending a fair amount of that time finding the right personalised mugs for your team. And handing out print mugs to office workers could actually boost morale and get staff working harder. Researchers at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine have found that caffeine has an important role to play in improving employees’ memory and concentration – as well as reducing the number of mistakes they make. Getting your promotional mugs into a workplace is a fantastic way to build your brand – think of the number of people who will spend time looking at your company logo, website address and contact details. What’s more promotional mugs spend the rest of the time sat on people’s desks – often filled with pens. This constant reminder of your brand can be extremely lucrative – especially if your printed mugs and the messages on them are engaging and memorable.

Personalised mugs – Expand the brand.

One advantage of personalised mugs is the size of their print area. This allows you print your logo on one side, two sides or as a wraparound print. Promotional mugs are well suited for accompanying new projects or bespoke campaigns: Let’s say you’re starting a new recycling initiative – print your company logo on one side of the promotional mugs and details about your new project on the other. Branded Merch offer promotional mugs that feature a popular phrase – such as the popular adage ‘keep calm and carry on’ – or a funny quote on one side, with plenty of print area for you to play with on the other. By utilising a popular cultural saying or trend, it’s more likely that your printed mugs will be used, appreciated and retained. What’s more, personalised mugs can be complemented with a range of inserts – like coffee sachets, tea bags and sweet treats. Mugs form part of our daily lives – according to the UK Tea council, 165 million cups of tea are drunk by the British each day. Think about the role your promotional mugs can play in a number of daily rituals – whether it’s the morning cuppa at work or enjoying a hot brew while leafing through the daily post delivery – making promotional mugs an effective way to deliver your brand message. Expanding your offering to include accompanying products adds more impact to promotional mugs. Think how packets of shortbread and cookies would go down treat in the office, for example. And recipients are likely to remember you after enjoying a morning biscuit and a warming drink from their personalised mugs.

Promotional mugs – Influencing office workers’ choices.

With the tea round such a core part of office life, it is easy to see why branded promotional mugs are such as great marketing tool. Brand exposure is one of the key ways to influence consumer choice and no other promotional item – possibly with the exception of printed pens – offers more consistent brand exposure than promotional mugs. Researchers from the University of Maryland, in the US, have shown that consistent brand exposure – as long as it is subtle – increases the chances a person will recognise it when in a consumer context. In other words, show your target audience a promotional mug and they’ll recall your brand in the future.

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